One or Two Bedroom: Which is Best for Couples?


One or Two Bedroom: Which is Best for Couples?
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One or Two Bedroom: Which is Best for Couples?

When it comes time to move into a new apartment with your partner, at some point you may contemplate whether a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment is best. There are several benefits and setbacks to both options. By weighing the pros and cons, you can find the unit size that best meets you and your partner’s needs and requirements.


The Park Apartments provides a selection of both one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Our one-bedroom apartments supply couples with a few noteworthy advantages.

Lower Rent

Perhaps one of the best benefits of renting a one-bedroom apartment as a couple is the lower monthly rent. When splitting the cost of a one-bedroom apartment with another person, you’re drastically lowering your personal monthly costs. If you and your partner are hoping to save up money, a one-bedroom apartment may be the way to go!

Less Space to Furnish

If you’re hoping to downsize on clutter and unnecessary personal belongings, consider moving into a one-bedroom apartment. With a one-bedroom apartment, you will only have to focus on getting the basic pieces of furniture. When you choose a two-bedroom apartment, you might need to purchase additional furniture to turn your extra room into a second bedroom or an at-home office.

A Cozier Option

Because one-bedroom apartments are smaller and more compact, you may feel as though they provide you and your partner with a cozier environment. Choosing a one-bedroom apartment gives you a better opportunity to enhance the space with warm lighting and plush furnishings. A two-bedroom may be too large for you to achieve your ideal level of comfort and coziness.


At The Park Apartments, we are happy to offer tenants the option to rent a beautiful and well-maintained two-bedroom apartment. There are several benefits of choosing to rent a two-bedroom apartment with your partner.

Additional Personal Space

Two-bedroom apartments give you more space to stretch out and move around. This can be beneficial in case you’re ever in need of personal time or space to workout. Rather than being restricted to only the common area and the bedroom, you can feel a little more spread out.

Additional Space for Storage

When you and your partner decide to move into a single space together, you may find that both of you bring in your fair share of belongings. Opting for a two-bedroom apartment can help you hang on to all the items you’re not ready to part with. Two-bedroom apartments also give you the option to keep both of your beds without having to sell one. If you prefer more space for your belongings, consider renting a two-bedroom apartment.

Guest Room Option

Between old friends and visiting family, a couple can experience a lot of guests throughout the year. With a two-bedroom apartment, you can host all of your annual guests by turning the extra room into a guest room.

At-Home Office Option

Whether you work from home or you have a personal side project that requires a quiet area, renting a two-bedroom apartment gives you and your partner the opportunity to have an at-home office. By moving a desk into the extra space, you can generate a separation between work and personal life, right in the comfort of your home!

Separate Space for Your Cat

At The Park Apartments, we give the opportunity for our tenants to invite their feline friends to live with them. If you’re interested in supplying your cat with a separate space to play, eat, sleep, and hang out, consider renting a two-bedroom apartment. This can help you keep a little more separation between your prized possessions and your cat.

Workout Room Option

When living in an apartment, having additional space to work out and get active can be extremely beneficial. Especially when Minnesota winters set in and going outdoors for bike rides and runs isn’t possible, having a specified workout area will help stay active without needing to venture far from home. This can also help you save on costly monthly membership fees at a local gym.

Contact The Park Apartments to Find Your New Home

As you can see, there are benefits to both one-bedroom units as well as two-bedrooms. Take the time to sit down with your partner and decide which option would best suit both of your needs and requirements.

The Park Apartments are equipped with noteworthy amenities capable of enhancing you and your partner’s comfort and happiness at home. Classic woodwork and top-notch maintenance are among the reasons you will love your new home at The Park Apartments.

If you’re interested in touring your options prior to signing a lease, contact The Park Apartments today! We’ll arrange a tour of both a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment so you can get a good understanding of both units’ sizes and environments.

For more information on our available units, give The Park Apartments a call today at 612-870-7878.

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